Jazz Classes


If you love popular or classic jazz music, stylized and energetic movement, then jazz dance is for you. All styles of classical, theater and contemporary jazz music are used to express the variety of jazz dance styles enjoyed by both dancers and audiences today. Jazz is a technical class that develops skill, performance, and musicality.


Please Note:

Students should meet the minimum age requirement of the class by Sept. 1st.




Jazz 2

Must have completed Jazz 1 or one full year of ballet, jazz, tap or hip hop.

Jazz 3

Must have completed Jazz 2 or two full years of ballet or jazz.

Performance Ensemble Jazz


Must be an accepted member of Performance Ensemble or by invitation only. Students will be placed in either PE Jazz 1 or PE Jazz 2 by instructors.

Class Attire

  • Black Leotard

  • Tan tights

  • Black Jazz Shoes

For more information about this class, please email our Artistic Director, Tija Budkevics at artisticdirector@janebaronsacademyofdance.com.


If you have any questions in regards to registering for this class, please email us at info@janebaronsacademyofdance.com.

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Limerick Studio

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Spring Valley YMCA

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